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Facial massage with rose quartz

Rose quartz This article is about one of the massages we like best, facial deep cleaning and massage with crystals; we use Rose quartz. Quartz crystals have been used since ancient times to help restore harmony, peace and good health of people. Used by many cultures,...

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Water retention, swelling, heat- lymphatic drainage

Water retention, swelling, heat- lymphatic drainage With the arrival of the warm season we start to feel more tired with heavy legs and sometimes swelled legs. All of this, can be a result of body retention of liquids. Probable reasons for water retention: The reasons...

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Natural skin treatment

After a long and cold winter we all want to enjoy the sun, hang up the winter clothes and appreciate the longer days

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Alternative therapies and natural products in Barcelona

In Natural Style our professionals are qualified in the following disciplines:

Chiromassage, Reiki, Shutsu, Reflexology, Thai massage and Aromatherapy.

They also have extensive aesthetic experience, always involved with the health sector, diet and natural treatments.

Our goal is to offer the service mills in alternative therapies and natural products in Barcelona, creating an environment based on well-being and comfort, as we enter into the world of natrualesa.

One of the most important senses in these alternative therapies and natural products are the senses, for example, touch and smell.